My opinion of jagex is far different than my opinion of this OSRS team

My opinion of jagex is far different than my opinion of this OSRS team

I believe I'd cry tears of joy if I could sort in RuneScape game. A ban appeal has been filed by me. If contacted by Jagex, will offer my RSN. Thank you all for the service. I truly expect Jagex assists out me. As a user that is mobile, I'd love to RS gold discuss. But, typing on the keyboard gets the beautiful side effect of also registering as a tap on RuneScape game universe beneath it! Typing a small message leads to my personality I had been up to earlier, and running around the area just like a man. It hasn't happened yet, but can not await the day at which the unwittingly clicks kill the fuck out of me!

Since I really feel for anybody using a perm 29, hey I'd love to suggest anyway. A charm question was"can you log in to your accounts?" He kept choosing no since he's banned and can not log into game but I figured they meant more like do you've got access in any way, anyway to get to the point be sure you're answering all the questions accurate, if you're try different replies for your fk of this.

I can relate to this, there's nothing worse as well as performing actions (green dragons for easy cash ) and becoming targeted by PKer's because you cannot respond like every other bot there. I too have been perm and also my fascination had failed, it is just a total pain, so I'd rather not have to begin from scratch and my account is. As a last ditch attempt I changed my title but I am not a bot.. LifeLongMut3.. Though its irritating not being able to converse in match, generally people are inclined to understand! Gets pretty lonely!

Next time please different"jagex" out of"osrs" in the poll

My opinion of jagex is far different than my opinion of this OSRS team. I see Jagex as that money company who would rather choose a fast buck than invest long term. I also view them as the killers of my childhood favorite game. Meanwhile I see the OSRS staff great people who have a passion and commitment, as type to maintain for as long as possible OSRS flourishing. Please keep this in mind when reviewing the poll, I think people voted quite different!

Upper direction and CEO have the final say. Reddit should be thankful we had Mod Mat K as product manager and that Mod John C took over as merchandise manager. They have the hardest tasks since they deal with upper management so much. Do not forget they tried to poll partnerships then turned about saying we were scared and too dumb to comprehend and they might try partnerships again in the future.I just hope that when that cheap RuneScape gold day comes OSRS will stand together and put their foot down hard. Not only a Falador riot, but actually sending letters to cambridge in the thousands and actually mass-produced memberships.