It looks like Blathers may get room to stretch his wings

It looks like Blathers may get room to stretch his wings

Datamining Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Each Secret Feature Still

Nothing is Animal Crossing New Horizons Items safe from dataminers. They'll have the ability to find it and place it to see if there's even a shred of evidence in the code of a game which content is coming. This is especially true for PC games, but even Nintendo is not secure from their prying, datamining eyes. This is why we may know a little more about the additional content that could be added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Fans are wondering about the future of this favorite name. If an extremely recent leak in the Twitter user called Ninji is anything to go by, there is going to be some changes. Let us take a look.

It looks like Blathers may get room to stretch his wings. The leak proves that there'll be two extra upgrades for your museum. This may potentially include an option for an art section, so perhaps more creative types will have the ability to flaunt their paintings. It'll be nice to see the museum enlarging its displays beyond bugs and bones.Aside from the museum, there are details of a museum store and a museum cafe. Blathers could be looking to branch out into different areas of business. He does not begin encroaching on Tom Nook's land or else things might get ugly.

Some can remember the fox that is shady Redd AKA Crazy Redd who sold art that was sometimes inauthentic. He has not appeared in Animal Crossing: New Horizons as of yet, but he may be bringing his fake paintings. According to the leak, Redd will possess his ship that will dock in a beach on the northern part of the island. He will still be selling fake artwork, but we envision the artwork that is actual can be given to Blathers to display in his fancy art section.

Considering the huge amount of water it surprising that we haven't been able to go diving. That missing activity may be making a comeback well if anything is meant by its addition within this leak. Along with diving, you'll be able to capture species of fish in areas that are submerged in addition to collect varieties of seaweed. There is also a section of Critterpedia called so we'll eventually be in a position to have a clambake.

Bushes and vegetables will probably be inserted in to provide plantlife eat to harvest or sell to players. There will be azalea, hisbiscus, holly, hydrangea, camellia, and osmathus. There will be pumpkin, wheat, sugar cane, poultry, poultry, and tomato. You should also have the ability to grow vegetables attracting Animal Crossing: New Horizons to becoming a full-blown farming simulator ever closer. As for the remainder of buy Animal Crossing Bells the leak, there are some unused shopping ports that may have something to do with things like setting infrastructure or Nook Miles redemption.