Matters Needing Attention In Dth Bit Operation

The following editor of DTH Hammer drill bit will give you a specific talk.

    DTH Bit is now playing a more important role in mining and construction industries. When we use DTH Bit reasonably, it will greatly improve work efficiency, but if we use it unreasonably, DTH Bit may be damaged. Therefore, we must check in time when using DTH Bit, so that if we find a problem, we can solve the problem as soon as possible. So what should we check DTH Bit when we use it? The following editor of DTH Hammer drill bit will give you a specific talk.
    1. Before using the DTH Bit, we should connect the DTH Bit to the compressed air pipeline, run with a small wind, and check whether it is operating normally.
    2. Also check whether the DTH Bit is tightened to each adjoining bolt, and open the wind to check the operation of the propeller, the first thing is the normal operation.
    3. For the hydraulic DTH Bit, the hydraulic system should be required to have excellent sealing to prevent the hydraulic oil from being contaminated, so we should conduct a comprehensive inspection of the DTH Bit hydraulic system.
    4. Check the wind pressure and water pressure where the work is located. If the wind pressure is too high, it will accelerate the damage of the mechanical parts. If the wind pressure is too low, it will reduce the efficiency of the DTH Bit and rust the mechanical parts. If the water pressure is too high, water will be poured into the machine to break and lubricate. DTH Bit efficiency and rusty mechanical parts; if the water pressure is too low, the washing effect will be poor.
    That’s it for the relevant content that I explained today about the issues to be checked when using DTH Bit. If you have something you don’t understand about DTH Bit, you can leave a message to us, and we will answer it as soon as we see it. Related issues. If you have different opinions on today's issue, you can discuss with us and we can help more people in need together. Today’s article comes to an end here. If you want to learn more, you can pay attention to Kaiqiu Drilling Tool Company, and we will share more knowledge with you.