Dth Hammer Winter Maintenance Work

The above is about the winter maintenance method of DTH Bit. They are all sorted out by myself. hope its good for U.S..

       With the advent of winter, all digging machinery will be shut down and maintained. So today, I will explain the work of DTH Hammer winter maintenance.
1. Park in the garage to prevent wind and sun, rain and snow erosion and freezing.
2. Clean the filter, oil pan and transmission. Using metal cleaners instead of gasoline, kerosene, and diesel to clean machine parts can not only save fuel, but also has strong detergency and is easy to use.
3. Replace the lubricating oil in time and replace the gear oil with winter gear oil.
4. Thoroughly clean the fuel tank. Brushes should not be used for cleaning, gasoline or diesel should be used.
5. Fill and replace the antifreeze in time. Clean the cooling system and drain the cooling water. Regularly remove the scale of the cooling system and the grease and sediment of the pipeline and the silencer.
6. Release the water in the fuel tank to prevent the oil and water from mixing and freezing. Maintain the normal working temperature of the engine, especially in the cold season, try to keep the water temperature at 75-90°C and use oil according to the season.
7. Increase the proportion of battery electrolyte and charge it in time to prevent loss of capacity and cracking of the battery shell due to low temperature.
8. Purify the oil, measure and refuel. If there is no sedimentation and filtration before use, the impurities in the oil will cause harm to the plunger and needle valve assembly, reducing the power of the locomotive and increasing the fuel consumption. Therefore, the general oil should be settled for more than 48 hours before use.
9. Prevent oil leakage. After the machine is used for a long time, the connecting parts will have poor contact, improper assembly, damaged cushions, loose screws, deformed or broken pipes, and aging seals, which will cause oil leakage. Therefore, corresponding countermeasures must be taken to timely plug leakage and save fuel.
       The above is about the winter maintenance method of DTH Bit. They are all sorted out by myself. hope its good for U.S..