Dth Hammer Construction Technology

Drilling holes in loose formations, using DTH Hammer clean water pressure step-by-step hole expansion method construction technology.

DTH Bit drilling not only saves manpower, but also improves efficiency. It is convenient, fast, time-saving and labor-saving. So how does it work? Here is an introduction to the DTH Bit drilling process:
1. According to the water output requirements of the well, the well bore structure is designed for the depth and diameter of the well, and the drilling model and corresponding auxiliary equipment are selected according to the formation conditions.
2. Before drilling, the machine leveling, equipment layout, equipment stacking, tower erection, and drilling rig placement should be done well.
3. Drilling holes in loose formations, using DTH Hammer clean water pressure step-by-step hole expansion method construction technology.
4. Drill holes in the bedrock aquifer, using rotary core drilling.
5. In the process of drilling and forming holes, descriptions should be made according to technical requirements, such as layered soil and water samples and temperature measurement. Also ensure the quality and quantity of sampling.
There are seven main points in the construction process and precautions of DTH Bit:
1. The operators of water well drilling rigs should be trained and qualified and hold certificates to work.
2. The entry equipment should meet the construction requirements, and the trial operation test should be carried out before the water well drilling rig is officially started, and the operation status should be stated in time.
3. Specific drilling procedures should be compiled, and water well drilling rig equipment should be operated with standard operating procedures and construction records should be made.
4. Do not rotate or increase the drill rod if the planned elevation is not reached during the drilling process. If there is a special situation to rotate or increase the drill rod, the drill rod should be lifted to the surface, the drill valve should be cleared and closed from the beginning, and the operator should strictly control the threaded drill to descend Speed ​​and rotation speed.
5. Before drilling, check carefully whether the air hole on the top of the core tube is smooth, whether the concrete transport hose has an outstanding joint, and whether there is any distortion.
6. In the process of hole forming, if the drill rod is shaken or the footage is slow, the footage should be neglected to avoid deflection and displacement of the pile hole and damage to the drill rod and drilling tool.